La Vie Villageoise, #1

I awoke with the sun this morning, opened the shutters on our bedroom windows, heard nothing but a faint scratch-scratching of a neighbor’s hoe in the soil of his garden, and reached for my camera.

These are the views.  They’re straight from the windows of a writer who’s not pretending to be a photographer, mind you, but who knows she can’t describe the scene as effectively as the scene can describe itself.

I’m in my knee-length cotton night shirt, by the way, so these first shots stay rather close to home.

You don’t need to get dressed yet, either.

View down the road. . .

Our ivy-covered wall and the neighbor’s facade that dates from the early 18th century

The local postal carrier delivers to the widow across the way

Into the garden. . .

Lavender, Rosemary, and these. . .

Tilt the camera up 15 centimeters, and this is the view of the Jura mountain range in France

Tilt the camera 30 centimeters straight down, and this is the sidewalk

And if you come back tomorrow — and the next day and the next and for weeks to come — I’ll take you on a long stroll on these sidewalks. I’d like you to get to know the village with me.

Advice:  Best to first change out of your pajamas.  At least I did.

That’s it.   I’ll bring the camera.


© Melissa Dalton-Bradford and, 2012.  This work (text and images) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. . . which means, as long you’re not selling it, you’re welcome to share, but please remember to give me a link and mention my name.