May Day! M’aider!


It’s March. This I know.

And you know about the derivations of the international distress signal.

Nonetheless, I’m here with a sweet linguistic tidbit that might not change your life forever, but could liven up the next nightmare conversation you find yourself stalled in: “Say! Speaking of your Uncle Gilbert’s failed hair transplants, I once learned that. . .” And that’s when you can tell about the origins of the international distress signal.

“May Day” derives from the French, “Help me”, (literally: come to my aid or venez m’aider).

And now you also know how to correctly pronounce words with apostrophes in the middle and random silent consonants at the end.

Now that I’ve helped you with that mini culture capsule, here is how you can help me, if you would, please.

Talk. With me and with each other about this book. How to do this? Come by here for my thrice-weekly posting of excerpts, and let me know what you think. Generate discussion, get a buzz going.

Write. Post about what you like about this book on your own blog. Do you have readers who are interested in:

culture and travel
language acquisition
motherhood, fatherhood
raising toddlers, raising teens
America’s foreign affairs
international politics
religion and spirituality
women’s issues
expatriate living
Scandinavia (especially Norway)
France (especially Paris)
Germany (especially Bavaria)
Austria (especially Vienna)
Hong Kong
Switzerland (especially Geneva)
stress and depression
life with a traveling spouse
tragedy and traumatic loss
acute grief, bereavement and the permanence of absence
finding a community when you live nomadically
music careers
global careers
food, foreign cuisine

Then refer them to this blog, reblog, post excerpts yourself. . .

Interview. Contact me and let’s do an online interview. I’d love to share details of this journey with a broader audience than I can generate here by myself, and you can help me by inviting me to your virtual neighborhood. I’ll do written or Skyped interviews. I’ll call you on an old fashioned phone, even, I can do that.

Nota bene: You might recall I live in Switzerland, so there could very well be chocolate in the equation. (Not that you need a bribe. . .)

Preorder. Below is a recent email from a wonderful friend:

I just did a quick search on Amazon to see if I could reserve a copy now. Um, apparently not quite yet. When I search on your name, the first hit is “Teen Wolf Season 2,” followed by items such as “Road Trip-Beer Pong” and a baby orangutan doll.

Oh wait, no, I scrolled further down, and there it was! Ok, I am now at the top of Amazon’s list to receive a copy when it becomes available. SO VERY COOL!!! Congratulations…

You can do the same. I will update you on the progress of the publication of Global Mom: A Memoir more often than is rational, here at Melissa Writes of Passage, and I will genuinely listen to your concerns, questions, input and preferences (did you notice the new cover?) And, of course, I’ll even hear your supportive feedback.

Yes. I’ll listen to that, too.

So, venez m’aider!

19 thoughts on “May Day! M’aider!

  1. I hate when my messages get sent prematurely. While I only have a tiny group of followers I will reblog and maybe I can interview you about the book once I have read it. Good Luck! You are an excellent story teller/ writer.

    • Angela, I’m one of your loyal followers. The content is serious, outward-looking, global and unafraid. Brava! Your listener-ship should be much, much larger. In fact, you should have a talk show, if you want my opinion. And any time you want to interview, I’m at the end of this line.

      (No worries about the premature send on the last comment. I bleeped it for you. At least your posts don’t have glaring typos, like mine sometimes do. Dizzy, nauseating feeling every time that happens 🙂

  2. may, day, indeed. i KNEW your prolific-ness seemingly is boundless.
    azz eye wuzz thinkin derivin to werk this a.m. — (i wish i could truthfully say “i MEDITATED”) — so i remembered when i USED TO meditate, on things like infinity. infinity of space. of time. the sensation of self awareness.
    ¿ quienes son las policia del cerebro?

    • Betunada–Why has it taken me so long to pick up on this comment of yours? It got smothered between some other things in the backstage of this blog. I’m not ignoring you. And for brain police: there’s no accounting for taste, right?
      Thanks for the visit–M.

  3. Getting on that Amazon list today. I am really looking forward to reading the book! Good luck with it!!!!

    • Nancy; BRILLIANT. Yes, absolutely, I’ll hyperlink to Amazon. I was only a bit hesitant at this point, because I was unsure as to whether folks could leave prerelease reviews. which is what would really, really help this book catch readers’ attention. As it turns out, there can be no prerelease reviews, but you can pre-order and on June first, return to leave a short (but shimmering) review 🙂

      Next post, I’ll leave the link and the brand new cover with a nice endorsement from fellow global writer, Paula Caligiuri.

      Watch for it. And yes, it will be released digitally, as well. Details forthcoming.

      Oh, I appreciate your suport so much, Nancy! A warm smile and hug—M

  4. Melissa, I am an ardent fan of yours and look forward to that blessed book’s arrival. In the meantime I will continue to share your wonderful words far and wide. Last I checked my readers span over 100 countries which should count for something. You have touched my heart, moved me to tears, marveled at the brighter side and I have embraced so much that I have learned here.

    You articulate in the most compelling ways and surely command a substantial audience. The life of a writer sometimes feels like a long, lonely and desolate road to travel though you are never alone in your journey. Your story needs to be discovered, to be embraced…and indeed shared. My first inclination was to share this blessed place with as many people as I can access and that sharing will be ongoing I assure you.

    Through our words we live a thousand lives, dreams and discoveries through ourselves, through others. Our acquaintance begets friendship in an incredibly unique and special way. Indeed we will read, we will talk, we will listen and we will share.

    We are in the very least deeply enriched by your words here, impressionable, everlasting.

    • Dear Don-

      I’m speechless. My goodness, what can I say to this? I have to say that I agonize, I really do, over whether my writing makes a difference, whether it will reach sufficiently into another person and ignite what has gone cold, or soothe what’s blazing with pain or with fear.

      Oh, fear… that un-friend 🙂

      Your graciousness in scooping my words into your worldwide net is a godsend. So please, Don: scoop at will! With fear stamped firmly under my foot, I’m good and ready to stand and to speak with an open and daring heart to the world.

      Warmth and thanks-


  5. Reblogged this on A Poet's View and commented:
    Melissa Dalton-Bradford’s new book ‘Global Mom: A Memoir’, about to be released on Amazon, will share a treasure of life’s splendors and challenges, enlightening, deeply moving, articulate to a fault…a must read. Her blog captures the essence. Read her, embrace her story and be enriched by her journey…remarkable.

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