But first.

A moment of silence.

Make that a two week moment. . .

Since this blog’s inception exactly a year ago, I’ve never lapsed like this. Two full weeks (and that’s rounding down) since my last post? You long-time followers know me (long-time followers, back me up on this one): loyal as a Retriever, here ev-e-ry week, mostly twice a week, often three, on occasion four.  Consistent with my replies to your (delightful, insightful and appreciated) comments. Offering you, I hope, reading well worth your valuable time spent visiting here.


Two weeks of nada.

(You brand new blog-followers, are you wondering what on earth you signed up for?)

Sure, I could spend a lot of time and space here explaining about the reasons for the

two week




I could tell you about the great PR team that’s picked up Global Mom and wants a few more weeks to set things in place before its release, now at July 15th. I could also tell about getting the news that a prominent publisher who’s been reviewing another major manuscript of mine for over a year has now changed its mind and will not be taking it on. I could write all about my 24 hours of subsequent moroseness unaided either by sleep or by Swiss chocolate. About my new position leading the young women of my church throughout the Geneva region, which includes parts of France. About my many concerns with my own precious teenagers.  About the several public addresses I’ve given in the last two weeks alone.  About the book my husband and I are now going to write together, coming to you in 2014. About the big presentation I need to get in shape for an international women’s conference in a few months.  Oh, sure, I could spend this whole pretty page writing about all this. . . and more. . .

But instead of loading you will all those “Abouts” I’ll just get back to work.



Welcome to Y2 at Melissa Writes of Passage.

And. . . Welcome to the final count down for Global Mom: A Memoir.

Global Mom Cover (large) 2

Now: Big virtual group hug.

Poland (March 2013) 049


  1. Gee….busy! I don’t think you have enough on your plate M. The life of a mom isn’t limited to a certain hemisphere after all.

    • Jenny, Luckily, everything on my plate I put there (there are no tragedies, no health crises from out of the blue, no job loss, no natural disasters, no military coups, no invading armies. . .) and so I will manage. I’m also grateful for a full plate. The bounty drives me to keep vertical, alert and engaged in humanity. All good. Thanks for stopping in here!—M

  2. Happy anniversary!! And many good wishes for years and years of blogging, publishing, public speaking, ministering, and familial success! 🙂

    • Maren, I’m always happy to find you here. Just read your post on having a heart of tempered glass (or JELL-O), and so enjoyed your tone, wisdom, compassion and spirituality. A visit to your blog (even at 4:30 a.m., like today) both awakens and soothes me. So thank you. If I can have that heart you’ve written about so well, then all the other activities (writing, speaking, caring for my family) will fall into place as they should. Much warmth to you, Maren.—M.

  3. whoa, cowgurl: don’t apologize! keyrect me iff i’m wrong, but i stumbled (googuld, axually) onto a site and among other endeavors, YOU HAVE A CARTOON SERIES?! what with motherhood, AND WORKING, you must be one of those mutants from an adjoining dye-mentschun who appears in “our whirled” living, say, 36-hour daze. THAT would make sense … and (real) books? i’m lucky enuff most daze merely to go to work then continue the zomboid-roboticness at home.
    i aspire — perhaps in a not-too-future lifetime — to have your creativeness and strength!

    • Betunada– Okay. . .you should see my smile right now. . .I haven’t heard of a cartoon series I’ve done, but I am quite creative in my sleep, and might be side-licking it for Pixar between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. These days, it almost wouldn’t surprise me 🙂 And if there’s any way to beam down into a 36-hour day parallel universe, I’d line up for the chance. After a few years of running on 12% energy, I’m back to 90%,a blessing. So glad every time I find you here. Sum day, eye wanna lern your vokab. 🙂 —M.

  4. I appreciated the SWISS CHOCOLATE part – swiss chocolate can mend any broken heart 🙂 but CONGRATS on la nouvelle “role” dans le pieu de Geneve. Let me know who you are working with on your team? I can’t wait to hear all about it! You will be amazing, as usual. It kinda helps that you speak francais already….good thing the pieu doesn’t leak into the Swiss German part…oh wait! You do spekenzie (sorry spelling?) deutsche!

    • Sarah, . . .Chocolate (dark…don’t mess with the milked-down stuff) mends much. As does sleep. (Sleep is my comfort food. Since I get little of it otherwise.) I’m completely grateful for this new leadership role in the Geneva region, and have two highly competent counsellors and a marvelous secretary, and the leadership here is a joy to work with. For those who understand my church’s organization and youth activities, I’m off to a retreat (regional youth conference) tomorrow where I’ll speak to teens and their local leaders for the evening. This opportunity and these people: I love. Thanks for coming here, Sarah–M.

  5. Absolutely LOVE the final cover, Melissa. Couldn’t be more perfect. So excited for July 15th! My prayers are with you as you navigate these blessedly busy next few months.

    • Sharlee-Thanks for so much support and caring. Yep, things are coming quickly, so I’m glad I have my energy at full throttle and have a solid chorus of cheerleaders, too. Did I mention anywhere that this is all about learning while running? M.

    • Michelle-Just walked in from being on the road, coming back to post more here on Global Mom…Sleeping in airport lounges has never felt so luxurious. These are days that demand balance. And friends. Love to you–M.

  6. Melissa, I bought your book and am excited to actually hold it in my hands. We love your family. Ruth West

      • I’m here in Hong Kong. It looks like we’ll be going to the Island 2 branch as George will be a counselor in the branch presidency. I think I’ll do a duel membership with the Victoria branch. We’ll be here for 2 more years. In general life is very good. love, ruth

  7. I thought I hadn’t read your page for ages! Really looking forward to the book. God bless you and yours, Jen. 🙂

  8. Melissa, what a wonderful year it has been! The many emotions I have experienced reading your beautiful posts has run full range and I have learned much in that time. There are many ups and downs to publishing and I learned long ago to abate my excitement until the expected actually happens!! You are making a wonderful difference in peoples’ lives through your writing. Be happy and proud and exhilarated and rise the crest as the waves roll in and weather the troughs unassuming…good things will surely follow Melissa. Thank you so much for the past year.

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