Come With Global Mom To London!

Back Camera

So many things happening in June, our dense ramp-up phase leading to the July release of Global Mom: A Memoir. 

This month I’ll introduce you to Christopher, my  publisher extraordinaire, and Familius, the cutting-edge media company.

You’ll meet Maggie, my word surgeon editor.

I’ll tell you all about Crystal and Kim, my super-savvy public relations team from BookSparks PR, who’ve thrown some lighter fluid on the charcoals to make a bonfire out of this book release. We’re linking to a Facebook page just for Global Mom: A Memoir, and I’ll be (gulp) Twitter-pating my life.

At about the same time all this is happening, you’re going to meet a whole string of friends via a series of vlog visits, whose stories (global, familial, nomadic and unedited) will give you an honest portrait of what it is about this kind of life that, well, keeps us living it.

(Why not be one of the first to subscribe to my YouTube channel? Go ahead.  I’ll wait here while you pop over there and click.)

With every blog and vlog, I’ll tell you about the blessings and stressings of living globally, but right now we’ll focus specifically on the peculiarities of living Swissly. In each vlog I’ll show you around my current Swiss stomping grounds. It’s truly one big technicolor wrap-around postcard.  Really worth your visit.

And if you stick here with me, I’m thinking of taking you  – should I give this away?  Oh, alright – I might just tuck you in my glove compartment and drive with you up to Paris.

But first, come with me to another magnificent metropolis, one of the most diverse places on the planet:

8 thoughts on “Come With Global Mom To London!

    • That teeming foodie paradise is Borough Market, and yes, we were able to see a West End show. In fact, on the 21st, which is a special day for our family every month because of connections with our son Parker, we saw “War Horse”. That’s the last shot in this video. You might notice the theater sits on Parker Street.

  1. I haven’t been able to leave many comments, but I’ve been enjoying your posts on bringing your book to the market. I thought it was bad enough moving from state to state (we’ve moved 13 times in 10 states); I can’t imagine moving from country to country!


    • Nancy,
      I’m so grateful you’re here again. Whew; moving. Let me tell you. . .Actually, the upcoming blogs and vlogs will do the telling. Much to stay tuned for. Best to you as the summer blossoms in your part of the world.–M.

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