Global Mom: A Memoir – Book Trailer

You’re invited to this, the exclusive trailer premier. Let me bring you to my treasured Norwegian farm table in my cozy home in our little Swiss village. Take a brisk look at a few images chronicling our family’s life, and listen as I invite you to read what I hope will be for you a valuable – even life-changing – book.

Please give me a birthday gift by sharing this with all your family and friends.

(Let’s flood!)

18 thoughts on “Global Mom: A Memoir – Book Trailer

  1. I’m knee deep in the middle of your book already and loving every moment. You’re such a lovely writer and mother and lady! All the best to you and your family!

  2. Melissa,
    We are so glad to see you and your family are doing well. We look forward to read your book.
    We wish you have a good time on your birthday with family and friends.
    Sending my love from PA.

  3. It looks so good….as another woman who has lived in 3 different countries and 4 different states and grew up overseas this hit my heart with the last words on creating home as a haven. Thank you. I so look forward to reading the book.

    • Marilyn,

      I see your own blog is about communication and reaching over boundaries. Instant resonance with me! I do hope the book does the same for you. When you read it, please share your response with me. I appreciate readers’ active interaction. You’d have much to say about the topics I address, I’m sure.

      Warmth to you!

  4. Melissa, this trailer is most impressive and inspiring…so much in keeping with your extraordinary written story. I will share this far and wide Melissa not only for the respect and admiration I have for your writing but that you have shared some of the most painful moments in life that one could imagine and you have done so with remarkable grace and dignity.

    Beyond all of that you deeply inspire in such far-reaching ways. Your story needs to be told…and read by anyone who embraces life and all its givings, its opportunities, its joys and sorrows. You know I wish you every success and happiness with your writing, your treasured books. You truly have many gifts and enrich our lives in their giving. I am about to have my own copy of Global Mom adorn our bookshelves where it will be read repeatedly in due course and cherished always.

      • Melissa, you are so very welcome. It is the least I can do for you Melissa and what could be more easy or gratifying. Upon re-blogging your post to my own site here I simultaneously shared it on my Twitter account as well as my Author Page and Social Page on Facebook, and Tumblr. My WordPress analytics tells me that I had a near record amount of traffic on that date (since launching in 2005) and a large portion of that traffic was attributed to the re-blog post! My Facebook Author Page stats tell me likewise! I’m honoured to share something that means so much to not only yourself but to our readers as well. I also had one of my readers indicate that Global Mom is a ‘must have’ for her own personal library…I asked her to share her enthusiasm with as many others as possible. This beautiful story continues…

  5. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; Transitions and commented:
    Melissa Dalton-Bradford has launched this treasure with a truly remarkable story to tell. This author articulates such an amazing life experience through and through. She has lived through the highs and lows of life and all it brings and this book will truly inspire…a MUST have for all who embrace family, house and home. I feel enriched to have read Melissa’s outstanding blog posts and now you can experience it all through Global Mom: A Memoir. Her words are remarkably moving and inspiring. Put this new release at the top of your ‘must have, must read’ list. Read her here on WordPress and you’ll understand the power of life and all its giving.

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