On Loss and Living Onward

What do you say to someone who has experienced the devastation of major loss?

Nothing. Just listen.

Filmed by Michelle Lehnardt, with score by Eliza Smith, and soundtrack editing by Corbin Sterling.

Featuring author and bereaved mother Melissa Dalton-Bradford, bereaved parents Lana Kemp Smith, Melodie Webb, Dean Menlove, Coleen Menlove, Lisa Garlick, Dean Garlick, Tom Linkous; bereaved children Eliza Smith, Calvin Smith, Millie Smith; bereaved spouse Marshall Smith; and bereaved sibling Kevin Linkous.

5 thoughts on “On Loss and Living Onward

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Melissa. Congratulations on the publication and, mostly, thank you for creating out of your deepest loss something that will sustain others. What a remarkable gift.

  2. Melissa, how remarkable you are. How remarkable Parker was, then as in now, his presence so deeply heartfelt in this day. What you and your guests share in this video is so very touching, enlightening, reassuring. Most of us will stand next to a bereaved individual who has lost someone near and dear to their hearts at some point in our lives. Perhaps we have gone through the same ourselves, yet, to find the right words, the right gestures, the right condolence, the right physical or verbalized expression that will assure a greater sense of comfort…

    The words of yourself and your guests in this presentation will go a long way toward dispelling the mystery behind the pain and sorrow, the sadness that manifests through downcast or wayward eyes, the awkwardness in the moment. You are graced with a wonderful gift that enables your articulation of ‘loss and living onward’ as will your published volume by the same name.

    Thank you for such a beautifully illustrated, and again, articulated series of visuals and audio in such a compelling way. Life lost is a matter of course however untimely. My parents lived through fifty years of their time together torn by the memory of the loss of their first two children, the first at three weeks of age, the second a precious angel of a daughter who fought and succumbed to, after a six-year battle with, Cystic Fibrosis. My sister and I who succeeded our beloved siblings, saw mom and dad’s pain at the very mention of their lost children. They quietly and in privacy shed tears of sadness that would never be consoled sufficiently.

    I mention my family’s circumstance, Melissa, only to reflect deeply that had mom and dad been able to experience your loss through your words, and indeed been witness to this presentation, perhaps they would have lived out their lives in a somewhat different way. Their losses were devastating, as you well know through your beloved Parker, as were the subsequent numerous other sudden or premature losses of other loved ones in their lives that would follow.

    Thank you once again for sharing this presentation and your many writings leading up to the release of your treasured ‘On Loss and Living’. Your life could have no greater purpose than all that you convey through your words and the words of others here.

    When we hold onto the hand of a loved one we will in moments have to bid eternal farewell to…only then do we fully understand the darkness and sorrow…and truly wonder without answer how living onward will ever come to being.

  3. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; Transitions in Poetry & Verse and commented:
    Melissa Dalton-Bradford shares a beautifully produced video, ‘On Loss and Living Onward’, so named for her book publication of the same name, a tremendous articulation of loss and how we find a way to live on, to find comfort and happiness, to cope with loss.
    We may not favour the subject matter but we do need to understand and be prepared to deal with those losses when they occur. See this wonderful video, read Melissa’s words. I have such great respect for her courage and her purpose in sharing so much for so many. Extraordinary.

  4. I sent the book to my friend, Linda, who lost an amazing son in the prime of his life a couple of years ago. She tells me that she now carries “On Loss and Living Onward” with her everywhere. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful gift of love, shared experience, and healing. Comfort is beyond price, and you have provided it to one of the dearest people I know…and to so many others.

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