One Last Time from Global Mom

As I approach my 200th and final post here at Melissa Writes of Passage, I want to share one last time with you the reason I began blogging in the first place: This book below.

We’re heading into an intense passage, we global nomadic Bradfords, with a new job in a new country, and each of our children heading in different directions geographically and metaphorically. In order to navigate this period I need focus, focus, focus. When our family has eventually found its bearings in our new life in Frankfurt, Germany beginning late this summer, I’ll be establishing my new, beautiful author website.  It will merge channels for  my books as well as all forthcoming writing projects alongside any public appearances and readers/audience reviews.  There, you’ll also find my regular blogpost-like essays. I hope you’ll come back to it all golden and zen-ified after a peaceful summer vacation.

In the meantime: thank you for reading my first book. In the next post, #199, I’ll post a reminder of my second book. And finally, in blogpost #200, I’ll summarize what these two years of blogging and publishing have meant to me and my family. Come back then, if only to let me know what lies in store for you over your summer!

Much warmth to my friends and readers–


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7 thoughts on “One Last Time from Global Mom

  1. Melissa, I have truly treasured all of your posts here and look forward to what lies ahead in the future. I may be slow in viewing yet I am thoroughly engaged and moved by your every word. You articulate in a way that I have not seen in a long time. Your grace and dignity in the sharing of some of the most challenging life experiences that one could imagine is remarkable. I wish you all the best as you again transition and adjust as your children venture out in different directions to begin a new chapter of their own respective journeys.

    Having just recently launched a new business venture my ever waking hour has been consumed by its attendance and will do for some time to come, though rest assured I will always be here and elsewhere to engage in your dreams, ambitions, levity and sorrow. It takes someone truly strong and unique in human spirit to lead the life you have and still find it within your heart and soul to take this journey with your writing.

    Warmest regards as always,


  2. Hi Melissa! I just found you again! I read your second book & have purchased your first book to read. We will most likely reside in Munich again July 2015 with Robert going full time in Jan 2015. Look out for Lisa Koy in Frankfurt; she was our foreign exchange student who joined the church. Looking forward to reading your past posts.

  3. Dear Melissa,

    My wife shared an audiobook version of Global Mom with me. We listened to much of it during our first visit to Norway, visiting the LDS ward in Olso and then driving to Flam and up to Trondheim after a medical conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. We shared just a small portion of the experiences you described so well in your book when I was given an interim assignment as CEO of a medical device manufacturer in the Netherlands during 2008 and 2009. No childbirths, and only one traumatic transfer of our youngest daughter at 16 years of age to an IB program in an international school. I already spoke reasonably fluent Dutch, and am conversant in a few other languages, so I could understand many of your experiences well. Thank you for sharing your personal lives and experiences in your book. Perhaps we will meet in person some time.

    May God bless you and your family always.

    • Dennis–

      Reading your words sails me back to familiar places and passages in our life. Flåm. Trondheim. Oslo. Göteborg. Learning the ropes of language, school, culture, new identities. I’m so pleased you “heard” my book, and that your own family experience has dovetailed with ours in that way. Best to you and yours as you forge ahead.–Melissa

  4. You have produced a blessing in the release of this book. Many thanks for your hard work over the production period and your courage in sharing this part of your life’s experience. I have benefited. I have passed it on and will continue to do so over the years. The ripples are just beginning! I look forward to your new website and the future insights and books you will share. Best wishes.

    • Maren-

      Your comments and encouragement from the very beginning have meant more to me than you might imagine. Thank you, thank you. I’m ramping up for more writing projects, and hope you’ll be there by me when I launch them, too. Always-Melissa

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