How Our Covenant Community Could Save the World: Feature Article in Meridian Magazine

My piece. My peace.

Click on these words and follow straight to my heart.

Hands Of Young People On Stack At Beach

Image: Meridian Magazine

I have never felt the need or desire to hide my religious feelings. My devotion to my faith has never been questioned by anyone who knows me. On the contrary. I am what they call “all in.”

I have, however, sometimes felt the need to hide my political feelings —but only since November, 20016, and significantly, only within my religious community, my beloved tribe. It ought no be so. It must not be so

So please, read. Share. Let’s talk openly, friends. I’d be thrilled if you left your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “How Our Covenant Community Could Save the World: Feature Article in Meridian Magazine

  1. Melissa this is such a beautifully written and well needed piece/peace. I understand your logic but for the first time in my voting life I find it very difficult to be OK with those who have different political views. I’m struggling to love those who seem to harbor so much hate for their fellow man. Instead of moving forward into a more unified and accepting society, we seem to be stepping back in time and I find that I now look at people with suspicion and this makes my heart hurt. It is especially difficult to engage with members who seem to have lost their Christianity.

    • Hearing you loud and clear, Deborah. I have had similar feelings. I’ve watched hatred quite literally balloon and overtake the sky, like a purplish-grayish impending storm. There are complex reasons *why* this is happening (the media have much to do with it, including the depersonalization of human interaction vis social media.) We are more “connected” but also more disconnected–isolated and estranged–than ever before, and folks say/believe/promote/disparage things on line that they never would face-to-face. Which is why I feel so strongly about getting to our spiritual roots: not judging, forgiving, serving one another, exercising and even “praying mightily” for the gift of charity.

  2. Hi Melissa, a great article on point with about judgements. Especially in the areaa of politics. The political atmosphere is volatile I don’t think it started with this election. But with this one
    It just exploded everyone gave themselves permission to have a voice. ThAt its okay to say anything we have that right one major problem it’s with the an at you, i am.going to talk at you until.bend to me . An attitude i am right your wrong.
    Very frustrating when you want open an honest discussion.
    We as saints need to start this phase of the millennium for peace within our reglious community and expand you mentioned .. restarts with us defending the constitution and having our leaders as your word ethical .and be for the people. Sorry I needed say my piece. The media just has wayyyyyto much power. I noticed since Kennedy yes. But really came notable for me the first Bush try for second term election. With Clinton and on and on . I wrote enough.

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